Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA) is sometimes required by organizations or regulatory authorities when a deeper understanding of risk thresholds to individual workers, worker populations, or to the general public is necessary. QRAs are often required to support critical Operational Safety Cases or Safety Plans that are subsequently approved by Regulatory Authorities to grant Operating Permits to new and existing assets.

QRAs and their supporting design studies can often be complex and difficult to draw conclusions from. River Rock Consulting has extensive experience in the developmental oversight, interpretation, and ongoing maintenance of QRAs and their supporting studies and can efficiently assist our clients in this regard, thereby avoiding undue risk exposure and regulatory conflicts that could hinder or interrupt operations.

River Rock Consulting can conduct effective cold eye reviews of QRA documents and advise our clients on areas of concern where further development may be required.

Additionally, River Rock Consulting can also competitively undertake the generation of limited scope QRAs and Safety Studies, including:

  • Major Accidental Hazard Assessments
  • Marine and Helicopter Operations Safety Assessments
  • MOC-related impacts to existing baseline QRAs
  • Dropped Object Assessments
  • Escape & Evacuation Assessments
  • Safety Critical Elements & Performance Standards Development
  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Translation of 3rd Party QRA or Consequence Assessment results into appropriate design boundary conditions for green and brownfield developments


Our personnel have provided a range of these engineering services for many satisfied clients over the years.